2019 Presenter Slides

Edward Cowen, MD

Five Derm Diseases Not to Dismiss

Cutaneous Reactions to New Cancer Therapies

Interesting Cases from the NIH


Jill Waibel, MD

Cosmetic Pearls for General Dermatologists

Lasers and Light for Medical Applications in Dermatology

New and Emerging Devices


Daniel Eisen, MD

Improving Cosmetic Outcomes Following Linear Repair; What Works and What Doesn’t?    

Scar Revision: Tips to Improve Suboptimal Surgical Outcomes

Sometimes Less is More: Wound Repair Tips That Adhere to The KISS Principle


David Swanson, MD

Dermoscopy: The Stethoscope of The Dermatologist


Bruce Thiers, MD

What’s New In JAAD

An Editor’s Retrospective: JAAD 2008-2018

AAD Update